Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Miracle do happen, and this one happened to be at Barney's!

So here we are one day in! Not too much to report. A big shout out to our very first Free Annie contributor, Tami-Jo! Thank you so much for your love and support! 5 bucks down only $14,995 to go! Woot woot! Every buck counts around here people!
So Ive been brain storming. I bet I could make at least a few grand selling my eggs, right? What do you think a 5'7 blond hair, blue eyed gal with 20/20 and no cavities (EVER! True Story) goes for these days? Ive got a few other things up my sleeve I'm gonna pull out first. But I'm not ruling it out!

I feel like I'm already making progress because something happened today. Something amazing.
I was walking by Barney's this afternoon and happened to spot this beauty. The Nanette Lepore "Heartbeat" tweed coat. I can best describe it as a spiritual experience. All of a sudden the humidity settled and a I felt a cool breeze against my face, the noise of traffic jams and sirens silenced, my palms started to sweat and for a moment I felt closer to true love then I ever have. And as I played the tape further through in my mind and came to the part where I was walking to the handsome (most likely fabulous) clerk, I realized NO! No more! No more will I look for happiness and fulfillment in the feel of soft organic silks or the smell of Italian leather. No longer will I fill voids in my life with exposed zippers and over sized buckles. It has to stop. From here on out its poly blends and modest buttons! So I turned and walked away. And I haven't stopped dreaming of the coat ever since. But fear not friends, for I shall not falter. I will not let you down. I will achieve control over my finances and when I do..I'm going back for that jacket! Hehe just kidding!

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  1. gosh...i know the rush, the feeling of that love... it is an affliction i share with you. it runs so deep